Get Cash Back When You Shop Online


Get Cash Back When you Shop Online

I just got $4.50 cash back straight to my pay pal and all I did
was shop online at Walmart and Overstock. I purchased a
couple of things and I earned cash back.

You can earn from 1% up to 27% or more cash back its just
that easy.


How Much Does it Cost?

This site is 100% FREE!
Get cash back here


How Does it Work?

First you join Ebates, then when you want to shop online you
log in to ebates and click on the link to the store(s) you want
to shop at, if you buy an eligible item you earn cash back!

You can get your cash back in check form or put straight
into your pay pal account.

How many Stores Can I Shop at?

There are over 1800 stores you can earn cash back at, including
pretty much all of the major retail stores like Walmart, Target,
JC Penney, Macy's, Khols, Priceline way to many to list here lol


Bottom line

Bottom line is if you shop online there is no reason not to earn
cash back, it is 100% FREE, no hidden fee, no One time offer
when you sign up, simply shop at your favorite stores and earn
cash back!


Join Ebates for Free here



Why Build a List?

Why build a subscriber list?

Some will tell you all you need is:

  1. A website
  2. Good SEO

SEO is search engine optimization.
aka high search engine rank.

why build a list


Yes having a website with good seo is great, if you can get it
and keep up with the seo AND the algorithm changes ….


Look every major store has a website and I promise they have
excellent SEO and seriously high search rank, Wal-mart, Target
Amazon all of the big boys.


You know what else they all have? A subscriber list, not a
small one either lol. I even get emails from my local grocery
store, why do you think that is?


It is all about repeat sales!


Allow me to give you an example:

Lets say I just joined a program or bought a product and I love
it. I decide to send a broadcast out to my subscribers and tell
them about it.


You get my email telling you all about  XYZ, you look and
decide wow this thing rocks! You join, and take a $50 one
time offer upgrade at sign up.


You have your own subscriber list and you want to share
XYZ with them so you send out your own broadcast.


Let say you have a modest list of just over 1000, out of
those 1k 250 open up your email, of those 250, 25 decide
to join, of those 25, 2 take the same one time offer you


As an already upgraded member of XYZ you get the standard
50% commissions so you just made $50 and that paid for
your own upgrade :)


Now Imagine 5k, 10k, or more on your list….


Do you think when Wal-mart sends emails out to 100k that it
generates online sales or motivates people to grab the keys
and drive over?

You bet it does! :)


Obviously the XYZ was a made up scenario but I have seen
and experienced this many times first hand.


You need the right tools to build a list

The number 1 tool you will need is an autoresponder, The one
I like and I am currently using is Rocket Responder based off of
price and function.



I have a comparison of the top 4 responders => Click here